The terrible two’s is not the right time for photos.

For my sweet sister’s 29 birthday… I gave her the best present of all. I let her take photos of Turner! Totally being sarcastic here. I am sure she wanted to enjoy a day without photos, but it was all that worked into my schedule, so we made it work. But while trying to get a photo for our Christmas card, I came to a realization, that I think everyone should know.

Every parent wants photos of their children. We want lots of photos at all times during their lives. We don’t want to miss a thing. But my plea to parents is, to consider your child before trying to get photos taken. Just because you want it, doesn’t mean you should get them. After last night’s extravaganza and attempted baby wrangling, I realized that at this point in Turner’s life, having pictures taken is just appropriate or feasible. He doesn’t sit in one place. He doesn’t like the camera, he doesn’t like wearing the outfits I want pictures in. He actually basically hates anything that is required to have photos taken.


While I think Ruby is the best photographer to ever pick up a camera, she can only do so much. She isn’t a miracle worker. So while I would have liked to have the perfect family pictures last night, it just was not possible. And it isn’t Ruby’s fault. I fully understand that I have it made when it comes to family pictures. So while Turner was screaming at the top of his lungs, quite literally, and pushing buttons on the heater, and knocking over the end table, and grabbing the pillows and tossing them from the bed, since Ruby is my sister, she has no choice but to take my photos. That is what super cool aunts do. But the thought of Turner acting that way, with someone who wasn’t my sister, and the pure terror and havoc he created during that 20 minute window we tried, mortified me.


I cannot imagine, not just Ruby, but other photographers trying their hardest to get that literal picture perfect pose when the subject he being a tyrant. Turner is almost 19 months. He is vicious. I am well aware of that. So I don’t know why I thought I was going to be able to get his photos taken. It would have taken a true act of God to get him, along with Andrew and myself looking and smiling at the camera all at once.

And while, by some freak accident and true miracle, which is a testament to Ruby’s talent and patience and awesome Aunt abilities, the photos you see of Turner and my niece are adorable and look so flawless and effortless, please realize that behind those smiles were tears, bribes, and a little loss of sleep.

I have learned my lesson. Just because I want photos, doesn’t mean Turner is at the age to where I should punish a photographer or any other professional for my own delight. It just isn’t the right time for him.


So, I beg of you parents, please know your child. Know how they behave and what they tend to do in public or in front of new people… and if it is less than ideal… wait a little while for that special professional photo. That way, you don’t waste your money and time by paying for something that may not be the vision you had in your head… and you save your photographer from a few early grey hairs. Or at the very least… understand that they don’t always cooperate with the camera. So while it would be nice to have the perfectly centered photo with a grand smile and your kid looking like the little piece of perfection you want them to… understand that it may not be possible. So if your child is kicking and screaming, that is a great memory to capture in a photo too!


Turner’s first Easter

Easter was the first holiday Turner was really old enough to enjoy. He didn’t really care too much for the egg hunts, and although we read him the Easter Story, I know he didn’t grasp the idea, but it was obvious that he knew something was special about the day. We had a blast. On Sunday, we went to Easter Service at church, then Easter lunch with Andrew’s family. We had an awesome egg hunt and got to enjoy family and friends. 

Then we went to Easter dinner at my family’s and had another egg hunt. Nothing compares to the joy and pure delight of seeing Turner’s face Sunday morning as he ran to his basket. I mean, he is only 10-months old, so his little baby legs running is precious. He didn’t care much for most of the basket’s content, but once I got the marshmallow bunny opened, that boy has never been happier. 

It was neat to see him taking in everything that was happening. He always looks like he is processing everything little thing around him. I could just tell by looking at him that he was thinking about what was happening and it was registering to him that it was more than just a typical day. He is one smart cookie! 


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A must have product for every momma!

I take a ton of photos. I think photos are one of the most important keepsakes we can ever have. They preserve a memory. They freeze that moment in time forever. While I am fortunate to have a sister who is a professional photographer, I don’t want the milestone photos that she takes to be the only pictures I have of Turner. I take tons of pictures of him everyday. A lot of them, I don’t post on fb because I know not all of my friends want to see 50 pictures of Turner trying to feed himself. And its a pain to print those photos off and my phone can only store so many. But there is a solution, and I think all mothers should be aware of it. 

It is called Groovebook. Groovebook is an awesome app that I found out about on the TV Show Shark Tank. For just $2.99 a month, the app automatically uploads my newest 100 pictures to the app, then mails me the photos in a book. The book can be its own photo album, or the photos have perforated edges, to make the easy to tear out. The photos even come date stamped with when they were taken. It is a pretty sweet deal. 


If you do not take 100 photos, the book just prints duplicates. And the app lets you pick which photos you want printed. It is super easy, super convenient, and lets me have all the photos of Turner I want. I highly, highly recommend it to everyone, not just mommas. 


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Turner is 7 (and a half) months!

So, every month we have a birthday party for Turner. Up until this weekend’s party, it has always been just me, Andrew, Turner, and on occasion when they are interested, the pups. Well, this month  Turner had his first friend come to his party. Even thought right now the slot for Turner’s best friend is tied between Turner’s Cousins Royce and Maddison or Turner’s fav, the baby in the mirror, we bought Turner a new friend just for his party. (I know I sound nuts right now, but its all in good fun)

In case this is the first post of monthly birthdays you have seen, here is a little explanation. Turner’s baby book has slots for monthly photos. I didn’t want just a boring photo of Turner, or a ridic picture of Turner  with a sticker on his onesie. I hate those. So I decided to have mini birthday party’s for him. They all have themes. Turner’s birthday is the 30th of each month. This month’s is late because he has been sick or Andrew and I haven’t been home at the same time. But regardless, here it is! Turner’s New Year’s themed 7th month birthday party!  




My little santa

I happen to be in the office today, and while I do not have enough time to write a full blog entry, I wanted to share this perfect picture of Turner in his Santa outfit. I am just so in love with this little boy!



My sister took the photo, she is a progressional photographer, check out her page: https://www.facebook.com/RubyPeoplesPhotography


A weekend full of fun and memory making

We have certainly been busy since my last post. We finished out Turner’s first Halloween celebration with the carving of his own personal pumpkin chair. He loved it it. In addition to looking adorable, the pumpkin also served as an excellent teething soother. I gutted the pumpkin pretty good then cut out some leg holes and stuck him in it. He loved it, really! Even after snapping a few adorable pictures, we left him in it for a couple of minutes. Ellen Degeneres did a segment on her show about babies in pumpkins. You better believe I will continue to put Turner in a pumpkin every year of his life if it meant I got to meet Ellen!  Turner acted like it was totally normal, and it gave us some great photos to bring out when he brings that first date home to meet the parents.


We had another first this weekend! Andrew and I did some baby Turner shopping for our Christmas photos we are getting done on November 16 at Turner Field in Atlanta. After getting Turner some winter clothes a few early Christmas presents, there were some baby rice cookies by the register. We got the banana flavored ones and Turner just loved them. As soon as I opened them for him he started munching away. Despite the confused bewildered look on his face in the pictures, he loved them. They are a nice little snack for him between bottles. Too bad none of our local grocery stores carry anything close to them.


The cookies were not the only milestone we had in the food department this weekend. Every other attempt we have had to give Turner stage one baby foods has failed miserable. He has spit them out and pitched a fit. He hadn’t grasped the concept of swelling something other than a bottle. Well, last night we thought we would give it a go and gave him some peaches and he loved them. A little later I made some banana oatmeal and he loved that too. It is so sad and may be considered a little pathetic, but the fact that he now eats more than just a bottle and is starting to take a step up as far as baby groceries are concerned makes me so sad. I am not ready for him to be that grown up. He needs to freeze!

Andrew and I spend Saturday away from Turner in Atlanta at the Walker Stalker Convention. We don’t generally spend many days away from Turner. I just don’t like to do it. Regardless of what it is, if I have to pick do something or hang out with Turner, 9.8 times out of 10 I am probably going to pick Turner. Andrew and I had three day passes to the convention, which featured the entire cast of the amazing show The Walking Dead, but could only stand to spend a half a day there because we wanted to get back to Turner. Its not that I worry about who he is with while we are gone, we have amazing family who watch him and love him just as much as we do, but I just want to spend every waking second with that sweet little boy. I do have to admit though. Getting to meet Norman Reedus and seeing so many other cast members up close and personal was pretty incredible!


 We also celebrated Turner’s 5th month birthday!! He Turned 5 months on October 30, so we had to through him a Halloween inspired shindig! Yes, I throw him parties every month, but the reason behind that, is his baby book calls for monthly photos. I wanted something different, something more than just a head shot of him, so we started throwing him parties each month with a star studded guest list including Andrew, Turner’s puppy brother and sister, and me. Just a special way to remember the milestone.