Our little growing man

Today we took Turner in for his two month check up. He is actually 10 weeks and one day. He did wonderful. I had heard horror stories about the dreaded two month check up and how awful the shots are for babies, but Turner took them like a champ!


 When the nurse gave him the shots he got a deer in headlights look and cried while she stuck him, but then once I picked him up and bounced him for less than a minute, he was golden. Stopped crying and has been fine every since. 

His weight and height are great. He is 23 inches, 4 inches longer than when he was born and now weighs 12 lbs 14 ounces, a 4 lbs gain since his last appointment. So we have a very happy growing little boy. 

As a fellow parent, our doctor did warn us about Turner’s sleeping behavior, or the lack thereof really. So he suggested that from now on, whenever we put Turner down to sleep, we only put him in the bassinet and we just let him cry. I am sure this will be easier said than done because since day one Turner has had an extremely impressive noise making ability and produces an ear piercing scream when he wants his way. I hate hearing him cry and hardly let him. I do whatever it takes to get him to stop. So starting tonight, we will put Turner down in his bassinet and let him cry. He said we can go check in on him at 5 minutes and soothe him, but not pick him up. Then again at 7 minutes, but not pick him up.. and keep doing this until he falls asleep. I am not looking forward to it, but I would really like to be able to sleep in the same room/bed as Andrew again. So we will see how that goes… I am not too optimistic. 

 I think our days of just breast milk are over as well. In the last two days, my milk production has drastically declined. I can hardly pump one bottle every 5 hours. He eats double that. So we have torn through the reserve. As much as I want to breast feed, I just do not have a choice anymore. Luckily, the doc says he is growing wonderfully so if we were to shift to formula now, it would be just fine. I just hate it and feel like I am not doing my job as a parents. Andrew and I plan to go away next weekend overnight for Andrew’s birthday, which means Turner will stay with his grandma… and I just do not have enough milk to give her to last that length of time. I do feel a little better knowing that the doctor said it would be just fine. 

I do not normally post on Friday’s so this is a shorter post. I am just waiting at the office until Andrew gets off work because we are going to dinner and a concert at the local theater to see Clint Black tonight. Turner is looking forward to spending his first alone time with his Aunt Alicia, lets just hope he behaves himself!