I am overweight. And I do not say that in an attention seeking, tell me I am not fat, fishing for compliments kinda way. It is a fact. I had Turner almost 10 months ago. In that period of time, I have lost 20 of the nearly 50 pounds I gained while pregnant. I know all the experts say that it takes 9 months to put the weight on, give yourself that much time to get it back off. Well, I am slacking. 

Right after I had Turner, when I was still breastfeeding, the weight came off pretty fast. It was easy… or at least easier than now. As soon as I stopped breastfeeding, I gained it all back basically. Around Christmas time I was dieting hardcore. A very strict, 1200 calorie diet. That is when I lost most of the weight. I didn’t want to look like a whale in our first Christmas photos. I decided to start dieting after a friend’s wedding. Seeing pictures of myself almost made me want to vomit. I am a whooping 5’ 2’’, so I have no room for any extra weight to go, let alone 50 pounds. 

After seeing those pictures, I weighed myself and was disgusted when I found out that I weighted the same then, months after having my son, as I did when I was 9 months pregnant. How embarrassing. So I lost the weight. Between 20 and 25 pounds. As I mentioned in my response to the obnoxious viral epidemic known as the fitness mom, I am a very busy lady, so having lavish time to really hit the gym hard is nearly impossible. 

I lost about 20 pounds and have kept it off, give or take a little. When I was telling Andrew that I had lost that much weight, but still has 20 more to go, he was shocked. He couldn’t believe that I was ever that fat. At my biggest I was 164 pounds, both with and without baby. I just do not have the height to be putting those kind of numbers on the scale! Not to mention I carry my weight in my face, so there is no hiding it! 

So this week marks the beginning of yet another dieting/exercise attempt. While I have been making a diligent effort to not eat fast food, even though I love it, or eat bags of chips, which practically run through my veins, it still is not enough. I have to get serious. 

I am trying out Nutrisystem, which essentially means starvation. Another 1,200 calorie diet and lots of water. This time I plan to hit the gym. I avoided that at all cost last time. The company I work for gives us a free gym membership. Now if I can just find the time to go. This morning for breakfast I had a yummy blueberry muffin. But 5 minutes later and I am already practically starving. At least I have lunch to look forward to… a protein bar and two servings of vegetables. Yay. 

 I just do not want to see pictures of myself and feel physically nauseated by looking at myself. I could also use a boost in energy. I am always constantly exhausted beyond function. Hopefully, this will help. 

unnamed Wish me luck!

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Here is my excuse, Maria Kang.

There was a mom on the news that started an uproar last week after posting a picture of her and her three kids and her amazing post-preggo body with the caption, “Whats your excuse?”

I know it is hard to believe, and I appreciate when people seemed shocked when I tell them, but at my last doctor’s visit, I discovered that I weighed the same three months after having Turner, as I did when I was nine months pregnant.

I started losing weight after Turner when I was breastfeeding, but when I stopped doing that, I quickly regained the weight. I could see it in pictures, mostly in my face. Not to mention, none of my old clothes even came close to fitting.


 Well here is my excuse. First off, that woman’s job was in physical fitness. Of course she could bounce back. That is like me asking why other people cannot write an entire newspaper or properly use AP style. Second, I work full time. I am in the office three days a week, with meetings and events sometimes seven days a week. After working some 15 hour days, and being away from my son all day long. I would rather be a whale than spend an extra hour away from Turner. Heck, after working a normal eight hour day, I would rather be a whale than spend an extra hour away from Turner, especially right now in his life when he is developing and changing so rapidly.

And on top of that, the woman has a nonprofit dedicated to fitness, that is what she does. Its an empire for her, a business. And her website is all about her weight struggles, its full of excuses and reasoning.

She is self-employed and can have more flexible hours, the rest of the world cannot.

 But I was not offended by her picture, or even cared much. I was annoyed with the press it got. Good for her. In my opinion, she doesn’t represent the majority of the working mother population and because she is vastly different than me, I didn’t compare myself to her.

She works out for a living, I work hard to avoid exercise. I am a one trip from the car to the house after the grocery store kind of girl. I take the elevator whenever possible, the type of person that annoys others by riding to the second floor rather than taking the stairs. 

Most of my life I was 5 foot 2 and 120 pounds. Even before getting pregnant, getting older was starting to take a toll on my body and my fast food three times a day with bags of chips for snacks in between diet, was starting to be visible. So for me, losing this pregnancy weight is a 360 lifestyle change. It doesn’t have anything to do with getting the pregnancy weight off. My body is different. My time and schedule is different, lots of things have to be adjusted to make it all fit now, including the way I eat.

 So about three weeks ago I started dieting. Well not really dieting, because I do not have the will power to stick to any specific diet, but I did download an app that Andrew had been using, My Fitness Pal. The app let me put in my weight loss expectation, which I put as one pound a week, and the exercise I typically do, which is basically non existent, and then generated the number of calories I needed to eat each day in order to lose one pound a week.

According to the app, I can have a whopping 1,280 calories a day. I don’t know if you know much about calories, but that is basically nothing. A candy bar has around 250, just to give you an idea. I decided to go this method to lose the baby weight instead of a diet because with my job, I have no set schedule to be home to eat and have day meetings that mess up lunch, so sticking to something specific basically sets me up to fail. So instead, I use the app. Which already had millions of food choices programed in the app with their caloric value. So even if I eat at a fast food restaurant, I can type in options to check their calories to help decide what to order.

I think it, at least for me, it is a way better strategy than dieting. On days I have time to exercise, which ends up being a couple times a week, even if its just for a light walk with Turner, I get extra calories for the day, and can eat more.

 I take Andrew’s advice, and instead of trying to “win the day” by staying under 1,280 calories, I try to “win the week,” which would still let me lose the weight. That way, if I indulge one day, I just eat better the next or exercise and it evens out. Last week I finished with 1,395 calories to spare!

The first week was a real mother though. Training my body to eat less calories was about as tough as labor. I was starving and found myself eating more than normal just because I was more aware of when and what I was eating. Last week was a bit easier, and so far today, after eating a Subway breakfast sandwich and vegetables for lunch, I am pretty full right now. Subway, by the way, is a life savor. Not only is it walking distance from my office, a breakfast sandwich is under 350 calories and a lunch sub isn’t much more. No wonder Jared lost all that weight!

Andrew, who has been doing the same thing, has lost his desired two pounds a week each week. I am not weighing myself at the fear or being discouraged, but instead, just want to be able to wear my old jeans and take a picture without looking like I am still nine months preggo in my face. (which as of Sunday, is not even close to happening).

 Last night I wanted to snack. Usually I would read for the 10 plus flavors of chips in the cabinet, but instead, I sautéed some vegetables in vinegar with lemon pepper season. Then this morning, instead of reaching for the delicious looking raspberry filled pastries on the table at work, I walked down to Subway for an egg white and vegetable sandwich.

 It is still a real mother. I would kill for a Zaxby’s chicken tender plate with fries covered in extra season salt and extra thing of Zax Sauce… and plan to have just that later this week. But in the meantime, I have to earn and save up the calories to be able to do so.

It is not just about not looking ginormous in photos, but I want to be healthier for Turner. I can hardly lift him now, when he starts walking, I do not stand a chance. Its embarrassing, but I cannot even do five pushups. When I was younger I was super athletic, now I found myself having to do regular pushups then going on my knees just to finish simple set of 10.

So although I think Maria Kang and her “What’s your excuse” photo does not apply to me because our lifestyles couldn’t be any less similar, that doesn’t mean when I get to where she is and when I look even a little better than I do now, I’ll slap an “after” pregnancy picture on Facebook to brag too. Regardless of how you do it, how you were before, or anything else… this is hard work!

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