I am overweight. And I do not say that in an attention seeking, tell me I am not fat, fishing for compliments kinda way. It is a fact. I had Turner almost 10 months ago. In that period of time, I have lost 20 of the nearly 50 pounds I gained while pregnant. I know all the experts say that it takes 9 months to put the weight on, give yourself that much time to get it back off. Well, I am slacking. 

Right after I had Turner, when I was still breastfeeding, the weight came off pretty fast. It was easy… or at least easier than now. As soon as I stopped breastfeeding, I gained it all back basically. Around Christmas time I was dieting hardcore. A very strict, 1200 calorie diet. That is when I lost most of the weight. I didn’t want to look like a whale in our first Christmas photos. I decided to start dieting after a friend’s wedding. Seeing pictures of myself almost made me want to vomit. I am a whooping 5’ 2’’, so I have no room for any extra weight to go, let alone 50 pounds. 

After seeing those pictures, I weighed myself and was disgusted when I found out that I weighted the same then, months after having my son, as I did when I was 9 months pregnant. How embarrassing. So I lost the weight. Between 20 and 25 pounds. As I mentioned in my response to the obnoxious viral epidemic known as the fitness mom, I am a very busy lady, so having lavish time to really hit the gym hard is nearly impossible. 

I lost about 20 pounds and have kept it off, give or take a little. When I was telling Andrew that I had lost that much weight, but still has 20 more to go, he was shocked. He couldn’t believe that I was ever that fat. At my biggest I was 164 pounds, both with and without baby. I just do not have the height to be putting those kind of numbers on the scale! Not to mention I carry my weight in my face, so there is no hiding it! 

So this week marks the beginning of yet another dieting/exercise attempt. While I have been making a diligent effort to not eat fast food, even though I love it, or eat bags of chips, which practically run through my veins, it still is not enough. I have to get serious. 

I am trying out Nutrisystem, which essentially means starvation. Another 1,200 calorie diet and lots of water. This time I plan to hit the gym. I avoided that at all cost last time. The company I work for gives us a free gym membership. Now if I can just find the time to go. This morning for breakfast I had a yummy blueberry muffin. But 5 minutes later and I am already practically starving. At least I have lunch to look forward to… a protein bar and two servings of vegetables. Yay. 

 I just do not want to see pictures of myself and feel physically nauseated by looking at myself. I could also use a boost in energy. I am always constantly exhausted beyond function. Hopefully, this will help. 

unnamed Wish me luck!

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2 thoughts on “Attempting to fight off the pregnancy weight…again

  1. It is very tough. I’ve always battled with my weight. I simply cannot diet. The only thing that works for me is exercise and I understand how hard it is to fit that into your work and mommy schedule. I will be thinking about you because like you, someone says “diet” and I am immediately starving ! For me to eat sweets and have drinks like I like to on the weekends, I have to hit the gym or the greenway 5 days a week (because I can’t diet…) That’s insanity. I wish I was a naturally skinny person 🙂 I also think you need to cut yourself some slack to though, I know some moms go right back into place. I never went back into place. Although the numbers show it, my bathing suit didn’t or never will. I will never had the shape I had pre baby and mine was 27 years ago !!! Ha.

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